Friday, April 3, 2015

Luna Hair Review / Rant?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plus Size Spring Haul

                                Plus Size Spring Haul

Hey guys I'm back with my spring into summer Plus size haul, and let me be the first to tell you I am not a girly girly Dress wearing type of Gal but this spring and summer I am stepping out of my comfort zone!;
So lets just jump right to it!

          I am loving this shirt I brought this from foreman mills, its a sleeveless number with denim detailing you can dress this shirt up or down for me this is a staple peace and a summer must have.

            This is a Spring shirt all day and Begging of fall shirt also.. oh side note this is a great time to start buying your fall clothing its super cheap right now, Once again you can dress it up or down with a nice pair of jeans and flats boots or heels and a nice cross the body


         High low shirts are making a comeback this spring and summer so you know I had to jump all over that I love this shirt a nice pair of tights or jeans and some boots bag and there is your outfit. Plus with this screen Tee it makes a statement.

A basic Lace tank what can I say?

My favorite shirt so far in this group of my Haul a nice pair of jeans and call it a night

Okay so I figured  my beige and Grey shirt and these Pants will go well together...what you think? these bad boys are something you need to see me in. yup you know how it is... looks BAD on the hanger but great on your body

As you can see Im semi ready for the fall lol.. But I love this rust sweater I'll throw this over any outfit and rock out!

Joggers! I love these they feel great against my skin and they are light weight so I see myself wearing this on them nice cloudy days inc the summer with a nice turquoise top.

                                               These babies are my jumpers and I am in love I had to make a Gif to show how long it is because my camera wouldn't pick up the full length, This sleeveless pants jumpsuit will take me from spring straight into fall! the material is nice and thick/heavy for them spring days and light enough for them summer nights and throw a sweater on and you have yourself a nice fall fit! so this is a three in 1 type of deal.   I also got the same jumpsuit just in a different color.

I hope you enjoyed my Spring haul Please feel free  to comment! more post is coming soon I just trying to figure out how to revamp my blog and trying to make more YouTube Videos Please Bare with me GUYS!

Plus Size Summer Haul Rainbow Daughter Edition

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dollar Tree Haul Christmas Haul Announcement

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dollar Deals! Great Finds.

                                                          Dollar Store Deals!

Hey Guys I am BACK! With dollar store finds for a 1.00
 and if your like me, you search from dollar store to dollar store looking for items that's a DOLLAR! welp I have found an awesome store here in Delaware Where everything is  1 buck and not claiming to be or 1.99 lol its just 1.00!!!! Also check out my YouTube Channel for an better look at this Haul and  to Enter my Givaway! The only way to enter is to comment under My Dollar store Haul and to like my FaceBook Page + Follow me on my Instagram That's it! yup that easy! My next video and post will be about How Long the contest will Last and what YOU will ne WINNING! 
I Picked Up 2 Boxes of Elf Lashes for 1 Buck a Piece as you can see one is missing I love these lashes !
Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye shadow a 2 pack deal for 1 Buck In Lust
Elf Duo Eye Shadow I love these colors! and Yes you guessed it its only 1 Buck!
Elf Primer I can't wait to use these bad boys! I'll be doing a Review on these baby's SOON
ProFusion Eye shadows a dollar a Piece  First one is for a smoky look and the second one is in Natural but they have pretty much the same colors.
Sassy Eye Lash Curlers  You can't ever have too many 1 buck
Milani Nail Polish in the color Deep Thoughts for 1 buck I love this color!
Elf Defining Eye Brush, Glitter Eye Primer and a Smudge Pot all for 1 buck a piece! I haven't used there Primer or Smudge yet! so I'll be doing a review on these puppies.
Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder and Elf Eye Refresh.
NYX Lippies in the color Aria these are a Matte finish
Milani Baked Eye Shadow In Mush Have Fuchsia which ill be using this as Blush and eye shadow :) And Wet N Wild  Fergie  Blush in the color Blush with Danger
L.A. Colors Eye Liner in Black 1buck
Fish Bowl for  my makeup and a Mirror  plate for whatever I might use it for. I haven't came up with it yet. lol
lip Liners and Eyeliners from the hair store! I just picked these up Yesterday on the 13th Swatches for all is coming Soon!
Fergie Wet N Wild Lippies in the color Pagan Angel and a Hair Store Lippie in the color Moody Black

Hair Store Lippies! I went out searching for these bad boys after seeing Empire! Cookie had on a color close to Expresso So I hade to find it!  1buck for both!
Last but not least is these Elf Cream Eyeliners in coffee I'll be filling in my brows with these!
****Everything in this Blog Post was 5 Bucks and Under****

Dollar Store Haul Christmas Haul + Announcement