Eco-Tools Finishing Kabuki:LOVE IT OMGOSH
OMGOSH! I been loving eco-tools brushes these are really good. i washed my brushes over 20 times and i had slight to no fall out,and you know when your buffing your make-up in and a bristle or 10 might come off all over you face? (hate it!) but with these brushes i noticed that when i apply my make up i have nothing to pick off my face messing up my make-up!! im like ok ok this is a cheap go to for me and the brushes where i live at start at $2.99-$10.00 appose to other brushes that will do the same job or alil better that cost $30.00-$60.00.. I say being that we are have a budget problems these brushes will keep alil more money in out pockets! love ECO-TOOLS

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