How I Make Curry Chicken ♡

                                      What you will need to make this Delicious Curry chicken  ♡

  • Chicken (lol)
  • Pot
  • Vinegar (Cleaning)
  • Salt (Cleaning)
  • Curry Powder
  • Red Pepper
  • Green Pepper
  • Garlic Cloves (4)
  • Ketchup
  • Red Seeded Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Water

Now here is what I did, I marinated my chicken over night but you can do your's for a couple hours if you chose.
   Okay you want to start off by cutting the tips of all drums on all your chicken. As your doing so go on and pull of the skin.

After you have done that put your chicken in warm water and add salt. This is your first part of cleaning your chicken .

After you have added the salt mix it around and then let your chicken sit for 5-7 minuets. After that part is done pour the water off and rinse it off very (very) well. Now its time for part two of cleansing your chicken.
Add vinegar and rub down every peace of chicken.

While that is sitting start cutting up your garlic cloves,green/red peppers and your half of onion
Now the fun start add in all your season to the chicken (after you drained your vinegar) to the bowl or pot and mix with a large spoon or with your hands :)  make sure its coated over all your chicken.

Next grab your dutch pot and add olive oil to it.(or whatever oil you have) set your stove to high. Let the oil get nice and hott! and add in your other half of onion,garlic cloves (2) and curry powder. I like to let it brown  a Little then I add water (so whatever floats your boat)

Now being that it's now the way I want it I add water to get the thickness or looseness I want to my gravy. I love it to be thick. (add more curry and water depending on how strong you what the curry and how thick you want it) Now I am adding in a half of cup water to start off with :)

Now stir your lovely gravy and I am sure your home will be bumpin! (Hmm mmm) at this point you can add more curry if you chose. Let you sauce cook for about 10-15 minus come back stir it up and add your chicken.( make sure you coat each and every peace of chicken with your gravy)


Let that bad boi sit and let the chicken it what it do baby :) place a lid on your pot but not all the way let a little uncover so your chicken can breath. And in a matter of of time your food will be done.

Make sure you check on your food cause as the gravy thicken your food will stick soo every 10-15 minus check on it and stir from the bottom up.  As you see I made rice and broccoli with mine but you chan make spuds of what ever u want to go with it. Or have it alone ENJOY  ♡

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