Haul LA Colors jumbo eyepencil

 Hey yal I went shopping a few days ago and I picked up a few things! I went to my local Big Lots store that just had its grand opening  and I also went to Family Dollar to pick up a few things as well.

I Picked up this coco butter for my son. He ran out soo yeah but at my Walmart this same bottle is 5
freaking Dollars! what?!? and at the big lots I pick this big boy up for only 2$! :) 
 Next is these throw fleece covers for my son and daughter I also have one in purple and it was only 3$ (a peace).

These two I love the ways these smell and the sent throw is crazy good for only 1$ and 5$ I also have cinnamon in the hand soap.

 I also reached for these cheap as dirt baby wipes ( not that I have babies shoot my babies is 6and 7) I picked these up for make-up removal and guess what?! go on ill wait...... the top one was 70 cent and the tub was 1$! YES you know I am loving it.

 Picked up some pressed Glitter for holiday make up looks and also for my daughter to mess around in and I know you see the price look closer. closer  closer POW! 2$ bloody  dollars cheap shoot I was at my regular dollar store and they wanted 3.50. yes three fifdy like really? lol
 Grabbed E.L.F nail polish Ill have some swatches later but I was shocked to see they has e.l.f it wasn't a large selection to pick from but it was big on the nails polish so I got me one. And yes you guessed it! it was  5$ dollars whoop whoop lol.


 The last this from Big Lots is this paddle brush 4$ bucks I know thats alot of money rite.. well I did spend 15 on one before and no it was no super powers added it was just silly ole me who said... wow this 15 dollar brush is really cool man ima get it. lol Welp that's it from Big Lots

 This is the end of my lil haul ;( I picked up my daughter a Purple glitter nail polish her fave color is purple and she hates pink lol so I picked this up for my Girly..

 And I also picked up 3 la color jumbo eyepencils ill have a review coming soon in these three .. welp that's it hope you enjoyed. Later


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