Spring Cleaning!

So I been on my cleaning kick for a few days now cleaning my whole ranch home from corner  to corner  I got to my room and I was like WHAT THE FRESH HELL lol I been cleaning and cleaning and I forgot to do my room uhg, So I made a Keek video for the first time yesterday I through it was Pretty cool :). anywho I started to clean yal and I only got my bed and floor done and I passed out lmao! I woke up like 3:35pm so in total i was sleep for 3 hours like really Ceal yes 3 hours shm so I was like I can do a lil something so I remade my bed lol. I had to get dinner started for my kids and have a lil snack for when they came home so my day was pretty much shot lol But I must say I was up the night before to 5 am cleaning. Man oh man when I get into the cleaning mode I can not stop I love to clean. So after this long winded Blog I am going to go and mop all my floors there is wood flooring threw the whole house love ittt! ok hope I dident bore you too Much, My next blog will be later today and its a toss up between cleaning my make up Brushes or about a Simple eye look anywho later.

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