Warning: Fake Microsoft Calls!

There is Hacker posing as Microsoft calling homes form a four digit number and form a 1800 number. Now if you don't know this Microsoft don't reach out and call your house unless you have files a ticket with them. Now if you happen to get scammed by these bastards IMMEDIATELY! change your passwords and contact you internet provider so they can assist you from there, They will tell you they have received your signal to their satellite stating that you computer is effected and they can help you. and from there they will ask you to go to ammyy.com to gain remote access to your desktop or laptop. The think that i think that's gets people is the word FREE they will then tell you that I can run a free scan and freely remove them from your comp of no charge to you..... SCAM! we all know nothing is free and if you read  this post you know that Microsoft don't call anyone with out a ticket. and you must have files the ticked your self. they will take over you IP address and start to delete contents  important   information and ext. I spoke with a few of my neighbors  and they have stolen credit card information shutdown site and countless acts of virtual crime Please be informed and spread this so you and no one else will be apart of the Scam! Hope this Post helped someone.

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