August! (Goals)

Its August and I have made a Goals List.(yay) I am going to start posting more blog(yay) I have been very depressed and just not feeling anything. So Im going to be more into my blog and trying (key word trying ) to make YouTube Videos and not just making them but making them with nice quality and content so I would like for you to comment down below what would you like to see on my channel and what you would like to see with my Blog also. :) Also I know this will help with my depression also.. 
  But on a brighter not I am going to do a pic a day on my blogger and instagram  so I can get back into the swing of things.. I found this challenge for the month of August and I think ill be fun and I think you will like it as well. Oh also im going to start posting makeup pics again and I have gotten a few request for natural healthy nails so im also going to respond to everyone who had been emailing me. (THANK YOU!) also im trying to redo my blog also i paid for my name and its still the same i have to figure it out. well hope everyone is having a great August and im going to start posting!!! (YAY) talk to you in another post of you can feel free and like my Michceals World and we can chat there or you can instagram me and send me email @ 

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