Bath & Body Works Fall Haul

I have taken a shopping trip bath & Body Works and I had a grand ole time in there yes I did, I have picked up a few things for the home. If its 2 things someone should know about me, its I love to talk and I love love LOVE autumn/fall/winter so being that its that time of year I had to rack up on all my fall faves and new faves.
First off I have picked up a few things for my one and only Mommy she loves the fresh scents
so I had to grab her a few things (also Caribbean escape is the my best friend) so being that my mommy 
loves fresh scents so I grabbed Sea Island Cotton spray,lotion,and show gel also I grabbed Mom 
2 Fresh Picked Heirloom Pear Candles in the mason jars and I tell you this it smells soo good makes you want to eat it!
I also picked up Sweet Pea the spray,lotion and hand-cream and I know we all know bout Sweet Pea this is the best sweet and fresh smells I have come across in a while 
so why change a good thing? I know so we don't Plus the 2nd pear candle  Oh did I mention there's a sale going on?
Now these are the ones I have gotten for free  Beautiful day lotions I have never tried these two and when I smelled these I was like okay I am in-love so now all I have to do is see how I like it when its on. I have also picked up fresh Picked Pears for mom to keep the theme of fresh pears going and I have picked up the lotion and show gel.

I have also picked mom up Black Pepper Bergamot  candle and this bad boy smells sooo great! well  maybe because I love lavender but yes this is a must for me and I have 
go and pick me up 2 of these ASAP and this is the 3 wick candles like you guys this smells soo fall a must buy if you like lavender and love <3 p="">
And of course I have to buy some wall flowers refills i have gotten fresh scents for mom and more settle scents for me in no order at all. I have picked up
2 Fresh Cotton
White Barn
Lavender & Vanilla
Black Pepper Bergamot
Mahogany Teakwood
Now you know you cant go Autumn/Fall shopping with out buying the best candle in the whole wide fall world (lol) Leaves I love this scent to the fullest to me its everything about fall
wrapped all up in one scent  that makes you
smile  and laugh with glee lol well maybe
not all that but this is one of my favorite scents of the fall   

Now these two just might become my faves I heard soo much about pumpkin cupcake I just had to get it
and at first waft I have fallen in-love so when i go back im going to get the 3 wick candle this bad boy will have a home in my bathroom come the cooler weather. and Pumpkin Caramel Latte omgee
what can I say? I love it now when I have first smelled this I have also smelled Coffee something and that bad boy was soo strong but long story short now I want the coffee one mmmm but this Pumpkin Caramel Latte I am burning rite now I am really liking this one not in love yet but a strong like
These two I have gotten for free and this scent omgosh this scent is worth a perches Napa autumn BlackBerry om gosh one I love sandalwood scents  woodsy and musty well not musty but musty you know what im saying and this baby is for me I am going to pick up about 3  sets I am in-love. I know your like man she is saying love alot but if I don't mean it I wont say it. like this is a fall must have
Please go and buy it if you don't like
ill give you your money back well ok I wont but yeah get it.

Now lastly I have picked up a candle  sleeve pumpkin carving  I like the brass color
and I also picked up a rust fall leave wall flower. sooo guys I know that was a long haul lets catch our breaths and lets stretch. 

Thank you for taking the  time to read my post xoxoxox Michceal 

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