Getting UnReady With Me

                                                           This is how I get unready :) 

first I start off with a face of Makeup and a Smile. The coloring of my bathroom washes out the color sorry for the poor pictures.

Then I separate my hair and put it in two side buns so my hair will be out my way 

Next I put on my scarf. Also to keep my hair out my face and for me to get ready for bed I make sure its tight enough to stay put threw the night, also loose enough so I don't get a headache 

Now I apply my ponds cold cream in little dots all over my face and after that's done I gently rub the cold cream all over my face until its completely covered (lips too) and rinse then I take my facial rag and exfoliate my face as I'm cleaning off the cold cream Then I rise clean and wash my face with Ambi Black Soap. 

Lastly I moisturize  with clean and clear dual action moisturizer  and I'm all done!

 Thank you for Taking the time To check out my blog  xoxoxo Michceal

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