How I clean my Facial Piercings (cheek piercings)

After I'm done washing my face making sure its clear of any makeup oil and just anything. I clean my cheek piercings its very important to keep them clean you can get nasty infections bumps pus bubbles etc. And I know you don't want this to happen rite? So keep reading to find out how I keep my piercing nice and clean.

I start off with Iodized Sea Salt why? this salt is all natural and will  help pull all the things that don't need to be in you piercing. also it wont burn its just like saline solution so if you don't want to use the sea salt to make your own  just go and buy the premixed one.

Next I take a clean shot glass ( I only use this one for my face nothing else haha) and I rinse it out to make use its clear from dust and just germs. then I fill the cup about an inch or less from the bottom

 and add hot water to the sea salt (you can use luke warm its all bout with you can stand) and I swish it around to get the water and the salt well  incorporate  then I put the cup over my rings, and I shake so that the salt will be washing around my rings.(if you look closely at the shot glass as your doing this you'll see pus and junk being pulled from your piercing)

 After I'm all done i moisturize especially  near and around my rings and then I'm done 

    Thank you for checking out my blog xoxoxo Michceal 

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