Lazy Sunday

I'm having the best vacation from work! Me and my cat Kitten is laying in the bed listening to the rain with my favorite candle of this month lite Marsh Mellow FireSide from Bath and bodyWorks. Its cold and this candle is making me feel so cozy. Also Im giving my babies away at the turn of the year which breaks my heart! Im moving to a apartment with my children and they don't allow animals! :-( and of course I begged my mom to keep them for me. But she couldn't because her new man is allergic :-\ so im going to take as many pictures as my phone allow me to and have the best time with my babies
But on a brighter note I brought a new mug lol yes a mug I love them. Also I have discovered I don't like Ulta Beauty makeup maybe it was a bad batch I'll try it again. But here is one of my mugs n I have the red one... I'll take a picture of it. Ceal stop being lazy lol
Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year's.. btw what's your New Year's resolutions? Mine is to blog and vlog more no matter how tired I am and to make more YouTube videos,have at less 1 good friend and to be all I can be. CAN I GET A HIGH FIVE ? ✋ comment your resolutions for the new year

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