Finding the good in something bad

I know I said im going to update my blog more often. And I am but I been having set back after set back. I was recently in a car accident and I messed up my neck and my head really bad!
and two weeks before that I was asked to leave my job. But I was seasonally so I guess its ok but I now have limited money (boooo) and today I woke up and my dermal was halfway out my face so I removed it myself YES MYSELF and I did a pretty good job! Im going to keep you updated with the healing.
bad pic but I just did it and yal this stuff was stuck in my face and it didn't hurt bad as I through. But on a brighter note I made another homemade wig
and this bad boy came out great! But all and on I am blessed to be alive and to have great health and healthy happy kids. Next post will be more upbeat! Comment yal lol

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