Mother's Day Was a Sad Day :(

Disclaimer If you are skirmish have a weak stomach or can't stand the site of broken skin and exposed flesh please leave this blog post and feel free to check out my other ones. If you chose to stay you have been warned. Thank You May 11th was a Great day for many, but for my daughter my son and myself it was a day of great sadness. On Mother's Day my daughter was

attacked by two big chow chow dogs. Her wrist
was ripped open exposing her nerves and tendencies. Her shoulder and upper left arm has two big holes
from where the ripped her open at her back also has puncture wounds
the upper right chest was also ripped open
and her left leg
I'm asking you for prayers and to send your love our way. The person who dogs have done this to my daughter was just standing there and after I yelled at him about his dogs attacking my daughter. He replied I don't give a Fuck about this BLACK BITCH mind you my daughter is only 7 years old and I. We can't stand for this ignorance! At the moment my daughter is on a lot of pain medication and antibiotics. I just took this picture of My baby girl smiling face and all and before this picture she said im glad the dog's are off me
she has seen several plastic surgeries and they did a great job stitching her up! Im blessed shes alil better and that these dog's didn't get to her face. I'll keep her status updated. Thank you for your support!

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