My Top 4 Spring Time Colors Im In Love With

 I have been in love with Milani Lipstick shades. Especially Flirty Fuchsia! Like you guys I am In love with this color I will be rocking this color all spring and Summer!I am Also loving Hot Pink Rage Sangria and Violet Volt.
 I have also been doing my Eye Brows a little differently lately. I have been ombering my Brows I use natural brown pencil I got from my local hair store and I use black. now this just might sound odd but. I take the brown pencil and I shade in the front of my brown and then I take my black and pencil and fill in the rest. See not that confusing at all rite? Also on my lips is Flirty Fuchsia
Here are some Swatches and bad ones at that/ hehehe. hope you liked this minnie blog Please if you want to see something different or a review please leave a comment below. Thank You For your SUPPORT XOXOXOXOXOX!

SHOWYOUR LOVE :)Milani Lipstick

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