My Week in InstaGram Photos (June 23-29-"14")

                                              My Week in Instagram Photos

                      So my week has been very interesting.. I went to the pool for the first time in a very long long long time,Like since I was 15 years old. (moment of silence please)... So as I am here eating my animal cracker, I bring to you my top four instagram pictures oddly enough it has nothing to do with me in water oh oh oh I didn't   Drown ! Can we please give me a round of typing please?!.. YES YES YES Thank You Thank You anywho with all my rambling aside here are are my InstaGram Fave Pics of the week. (also I'm thinking of has this a regular on my blog posts)

So the first pic off to the upper left is from  the comic con convection in Philadelphia I my kids and a friend of my went to. and we has a ball! like I love seeing new and exciting things and people all in costumes Now I know all if not ALL OF YOU know who this guy is in this picture Oh Who you say? oh you said something the DOCTOR?! well Its Doctor Who and Guess what we got to meet him Like omgee! 

The pic to the Upper right hand corner is a picture  of us relaxing at the pool. Yeah now alot going on just some splashing and swimming and me soaking up the sun. I got dark as heck that day.

The bottom left is a picture of a recliner that I Brought for my new house! and this bad boy is soo comfy! Love this chair.(its my baby) 

Last but not less is a Picture of the sun setting over my and my neighbor house how Beautiful! 

                      Welp that's it for this blog post but if you want more go check out some of my other post, and if you still want more of me come to my personal Facebook page and lets be BESTIES  and if that's not enough of me come check out these other pages. Oh before I forget did you know im on YouTube? yes come Check a sista out! later loves  




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