Family Time (While I was Away)

                     While I was away visiting my family 

So me and my children went to Philly our home town, state, my stomping yard lol, While there my children had a chance to meet their family members that they haven't seen in years like since they was 1yr and 6 months ( yes my kids are back to back Irish twins) so as you know this was a wonderful time.. I also go to see my little cousins Nia and Keen Mia is 1 and Keen is 8 months lol (guess it runs in the family). We had a grand time and our kids was in the kiddie pool and later we had an adult party and you know that was the best! here are some pictures enjoy!

First off is the kids
Nia and Deb is here waiting for the pool to get filled up blowing bubbles I tried to get Deb but she caught me and strikes a pose lol but my little Cousin is here focused on her bubble blowing skills! Practice makes perfect.
Here is Jay J filling up the pool and wetting innocent bystanders like myself for no reason lol (ok ok I might have threw him in the pool might have) and Nia still working on her skills. Love her soo much!
Still Blowing :) she calls me Aunt Pooh awwwwwwwwwwe
Here is all the kids playing ball I promise this was the most entertaining  this to watch lol!
Yay Debra Get the Ball! she was screaming lol but after this she got splashed! lol
We decided that they was being to rough! soo
Nia Hopped on her ride and was outty lol ugh I love this little girl all these kids are cray I love my family
Here is her pool she said she dont want to play in her pool because the kids not in it. :)) so She decided to take her toys out and, then my son came over and started to play awwwe (not really because he left)

Nia's Beautiful pool that she refused to play in. lol

Adult Party Time
It started with a drink. ("Beyonce voice" I been Drinking) ooo tell me why I decided to take my belt outta retirement and I came up short lol but I must say I haven't ate anything but a donut all day with that been said... This is what happened that day well night. 
My Aunt inlaw to be was helping Beyonce Deal with the face he was Drunk and not in Love lol (you get what I have done there) he was the bell of the ball until he lost his shoe. good times
Beyonce you are zoned out! But I love this guy he is soo real and fun to be around I loved meeting him.
His sister came late but boy oh boy did she make up what she have missed out on! love this girl she is real and down to earth.

My Auntie texting more people to come over! and let me tell you (this was not a party just one of our gatherings) Love love love her the best outside of my Mommy.
Carmen well what more can I say we have the same personalty Plus we are both big girls! Hello!!

My aunts Best friend since childhood. Im sorry I have no name I was Lit 
Carmen Husband Luis and his Daddy AkA my Unk 
No makeup looking a hotmess that night 
Our Lovely babysitter Stasha Nia's Mother she saved my life that night! Look at my baby Keen!!
Well the rest is a lil too much plus I passed out from lack of food and drinking too much! Please Please  eat before you Drink THANK YOU!

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