Fourth Of July Makeup

                                                     My 4Th of July Makeup 
    Today I was feeling creative and I came up with 3 Makeup looks. Festive/Bold,Wearable and Funable!
yes I said funable :) its my new word of the day, Come on use it in a sentence. (I had a very Funable day) lol ok ok all jokes aside, but I had fun Creating these looks for you I just wish I had a camera and not a Camera

 Phone :) but it is what it is. Please enjoy and comment share.
With this Look here I went all in on my brows Red,White and Blue for our Country. This look was the most Funable Look for me. Here is what I did,

I took my NYX  shadow stick in all white and covered my brows 
I shaded in the front of my brows with a Red eye shadow from my 88 Pallet and I repeated the steps Until the end of my brows. 
I took my concealer and cleaned up any mistakes that I made and Voila! 

This is my Next look as you can tell one is in my bathroom and the other is outside so I can show you how this look works inside and out, As you can see this look is very Wearable you can class this up or dress this look down either way this is a look for those who want to be Festive but yet Wearable. (don't mind my shirt this is my makeup shirt you know the shirt you don't care if it gets messy and jazz :)
Now for my Funable look now this look just combines my Second look with a Blue and Red lip and my love's That concludes this blog. Be on the look out for more.

Welp that's it for this blog but if you want more go check out some of my other post,and if you still want more of me come to my personal Facebook page and lets be BESTIES!  and if that's not enough of me come check out these other pages. Oh before I forget did you know I'm on YouTube? yes Come check a sista out later loves!


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