{July Monthly Faves} Tried and Loved.

Welp im going to start of by saying i been loving the color Green in ever shade that it comes in. so with that been said..
SoftSoap: Body Butter Heavenly Vanilla Body Wash.
I have been loving this body was I mean as we can see its almost gone lol. This body wash lives up to it's name Heavenly. One I never knew how much I love the smell Vanilla (ok I never liked the smell ) This body wash changed my mind it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and it smells Super Good. And it was only 2.00
FreeMan: Deep Impact Lathering Facial Scrub.
OK where to start? welp This is one of my favorite facial scrubs the beads in here are very tiny and it leaves my skin smooth and my skin has a very healthy glow after wards Plus it smells like Peaches who dont love that.
Clean&Clear: Dual Action Moisturizer.
Love Love Love  this stuff ok I never had acne in my life but you know when its that time of the month or year in my case you get a little friend that pops up and that bad boy hurts. So when I know I have a unwanted visitor coming I grab this bad boy and BOOM! whatever was trying to pop up stops dead in its tracks love this product. Plus it makes my skin soft :)
Victoria's's Secrets: Juiced Berry
I love this stuff I had it for awhile and I packed it away, But as I am here repacking I came across this Glimmer wash again and I felled inlove all over again what can I can Victoria knows the secret to my heart a Feel good Body :)
Sexiest Fantasies: Strawberries&Champagne 
Keeping with the Victoria's secret Smells I found this at me local big lots and this smells just like the one from the Victoria's Secret store. and it was only 2.00 I wear this every day and every night. (yes I am one of them people who must smell good just to sleep LOL) 
Perfume: Fantastic Impressions Of Fantasy
I love this Britney Spears Perfume and yes its a knock off. The knock offs smells just as good as the real thing don't judge me lol even this is a warmer scent I rocked it all month (I am soo ready for FALL) but this paired with a roll on oil that I use my apologies I don't know the name) But is a cherry scent I got from my old job Ulta and them too mixed together is the best scent ever!
Milani: Lippies!!! Flirty Fuchsia. 
I have been rocking this lip color alil over a month I love this color defiantly paired with a ligh brown lip liner the best in another blog post ill show you guys how I rock pink lips. but my Sistas you have to go out and buy this love this color! 
Revlone ColorStay: Liquid Eye Pen Blackest Black
I love this eyeliner I make some of the coolest winged eyeliner top and bottom I have been reaching for this because it don't run like the gel does and it has been a very very hot summer over here.
Bangles: Real Gold 
These have been my go to bangles I wear these with everything! I love them these are my Babies lol
Neckless Forever 21:
Welp if you don't know I love elephants and owls. but this elephant neckless has been my best friend along with my gold hooped earrings. I have been feeling gold and Im a sliver girl but yeah I love this elephant.
Bath&BodyWorks Candles: Lemon Verbena & vineYard 2014
These two Candles have been a life saver for me. Having two kids ages 8 &9 and they fuss and fight about every little thing. At night these two Bad Boys relax me and feels the house with wonderful smells all I can do is sit back and throw my feet up and watch the Big Bang Theory and PLL (pretty little Liars) or whatever and just chill.

Welp that's it for this blog post but if you want more go check out some of my other post, and if you still want more of me come to my personal Facebook page and lets be BESTIES  and if that's not enough of me come check out these other pages. Oh before I forget did you know im on YouTube? yes come Check a sista out! later loves  




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