New Wig Fall Hair

                          So I have been making a new wig for about 3 weeks now I know that's a long time but that is what happen when its your own costume wig lol,
I am finally done with this bad boy. 
     I made her the same way I make all my wigs, I love the flip over and I love to put my hair up in high ponytails and buns.
Now the parting on this is full but you can move it from side to side and have it split down in the middle But I don't wear  middle parts or middle anything I know I suck but its not my thing here are pictures of my lovely fall wig!

As you can see she works well in a top knot and if you chose you can leave out some of your hair in the front to make her look more realistic , But I don't do that the whole point of a wig is having all your hair in so that's what I do I will post an update on this lovely wig soon, Also im making one in Red and Burgundy. Ugh I love the FALL
Here is a wig I mad the same way for the Summer I know yal see this.. why because its my Profile Picture lmao. I made my fall wig the same way I made my Summer wig just on a different cap, I used a dome cap for my summer wig and a Wig mesh cap for my fall hair (backwards I know) But that's what happen when I Just want it when I want it. hahaha

I Love my Summer Wig Anywho stay tune for more.

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