Sigma Brushes Flat Top Kabuki

                           I love the Flat Top Kabuki Brush 

   This brush have made my make-up routine come from blah to yeahh Boi! lol I love the way this brush makes my face look aired brushed. Some of yal might be saying aired brushed really Ceal? but yes it does, If you hold the brush at the tip (not the very tip) it will give your face a lite and airbrush effect! if you think im lying go and try it (your welcome).
Now I have before and after pics but the before is soo bad I don't want to show you but if you chose to see it look threw my blog and you'll see the difference 
I can go on and on about this wonderful no shedding brush but then this blog will be 10+ pages long lol I say try it for yourself Sigma Brushes are the best hands down! I mean look at Beat Face Honey she is using Sigma Brushes on people like Nicki Minaj and Brandy and so on Go and get your self a Flat top Kabuki Brush ok?!. Hope you enjoyed this little blog Post! as always 

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