🎃 Fall Haul Gaulish Treats 🎃

                                                                            Fall Haul   🎃                          

I have been doing a lot of Halloween decorative  shopping and I have been in love and inspired with the finds. Now its not much to most but its a lot to me. So let me stop the rambling and get started with this Gaulish fall haul...🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

I am in love with my new all year around baby! like man I don't know how else to say it. But this this my fave gift to me! This Glass Skull is from Big Lots for $ 8.00 bucks they have this color and a sliverish gold color. But my fave colors is Purple and Pink  and Black so I had to grab this bad boy. I have also got the pumpkins in a assorted bag from Family Dollar for $ 3.00 I have a haul up on my channel so go check it out. 🎃

   Now onto my children I have started my Christmas Shopping early this year and my 8 year old Daughter is in love with Monster High Everything so I decided to get her this 3D Puzzle and this was $ 5.00 from Big Lots. Almost forgot the Leafs are Place mates also from Big lots for $2.00 You will see these in many of my fall hauls up until the winter. 🎃

My son decided he wanted to be a Ninja for Halloween and a Blue one at that now this was the last one and he was insisted on getting it so I caved in and bought it for my 9 year old even tho it is a bit Small on him, So I decided he is going to be a Ninja that rose from the Dead to wreck havoc on the earth for one night. Stay tuned for the out come. This is $ 5.00 Family Dollar muahahahahahahaha  🎃 🎃

I have bought my daughter cloths for her Monster High Dolls  is was also $ 5.00  🎃

Now this is my Daughter custom she is a Spider Witch too Cute rite now she wanted to be a Monster high chick but the way my pockets is set up that was not going to happen. so now all I have to do is get my baby some black or purple stockings. this was $ 5.00 from Family Dollar. 🎃 🎃 🎃

Also for Christmas I got my Dad this Drinking game called Game Night and its $ 10.00 from Family Dollar and it comes with 6 shot glasses! let the games Began and the Odd be forever in your Favor. Because  I can drink my Butt Off.  Yeah in other news.. 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

I have Picked this up for my daughter for Christmas  its a Monster High Freaky Fusion Doll not much to say about this doll but I got it from Big Lots for $12.88 🎃 🎃 🎃

🎃I have Picked up My daughter this Monster High Mesh Bracelet set for  $ 5.00 from Family Dollar  and I know she will like this! I know I do so and we will be getting our play on! 🎃

🎃This is a Pinky Skull jewelry set  its really cute I picked it up to go along with the Monster high Theme this was also $ 5.00 from Family Dollar.  I cant wait to start playing with this with my Lil Girl! 🎃🎃

🎃Now for my son I picked him Out this Extreme Wrestling Arena this is $ 5.00 from Family Dollar also 🎃 🎃 🎃

🎃I have also Picked this doll up for my daughter this is a Hood Winked doll I tis she is sooo cute!!! this doll was $ 5.00 dollars even tho the box says something different/ and his is from Family Dollar.🎃 Like I don't know I am very excited that I am getting all this shopping done ... Christmas will be here before you know it.

  🎃Almost forgot this is the sword to my son custom and this was $ 1.00 from Family Dollar.  Now last but not lease is...🎃

🎃My Purple pumpkin with black lace and as I said earlier in this blog black and purple is my fave colors soo you know I had to pick this up!  and this was $ 8.00 form Big Lots 🎃
                                                     Thank you for making it this far here is the second part of my Gaulish haul oh you through it was over?! hahahaha No We are Just getting Started 🎃 🎃 🎃

I have a mini Haul from Bath and BodyWorks  please sit back relax and Grab a Goblin of Blood 🎃 🎃 🎃

I have Picked up these three Foaming Hand soaps now I must say in the store I liked them but now I don't I only like 1 and that's Pumpkin Spice  sad but true and I brought these babys on said 8 for 16 🎃

I Picked up these hand sanitizers  for my daughter and mom I liked one but I don't know I think the walk in the woods only smells good in the store. but these was 5 for 5 so I picked them up the other one my mommy has it. and the is something cotton.

This bad boy I am inlove with I have the black one now and I want to go back and get the red I love these.! and the scent I picked up is A walk in the woods and yeah In the store I loved it but now I don't. and these have been 2 for $ 20.00 for the last 3 months so I am going back to grab somemore.🎃

🎃My all time fall scent form B&BW is  Pumpkin Cupcake like how can you not get this scent every time it comes out well I know I have like 8 from last year so I am not going to buy more until these babies are gone! 🎃

🎃I picked this scent up for my mommy its called Autumn MUMS and my mommy is big on floral scents and fresh scents but I love spicy  and sandalwood scents and my mom fave color is purple so this was perfect for her.🎃 

🎃 I am inlove with this scent like I have to go back and but like 10 more really I do. Vanilla Chai is one of the best scents they have out this fall like I think I might like it a lil more than Pumpkin Cupcake yeah its that deep for me!🎃

🎃 I picked this bad boy up why because it was on sale for $8.00 soo I had to sniff and buy I love this scent its like a lay back scent for me something to burn while I blog or make videos.🎃

Last but not least is my cheap Samsung S5 Case from five below for of course  $ 5.00 lol

                                                              Well this concludes my Gauish haul I hope you enjoyed this and if you have been following me you might have noticed that my image quality is way better I will list the camera I used as well as all the other links you can find me at.  🎃
Oh before I forget did you know im on YouTube? yes come Check a sista out! later loves   - See more at: http://michcealrenee.blogspot.com/#sthash.8FAFhMaX.dpuf




Michceal's World 

Camera used canon rebel t5i if you want more info in this camera comment below 🎃 🎃 Have a very Gaulish Month! 🎃 🎃


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