Mini Haul Ft. O.P.I and Randomness

 I was at the family dollar and I seen this Halloween kit. Im like how cool my kids can make up their own make up for that day! and it is only 5.00 can't beat that with a bat! Plus it nice colors girly and boyish being that I have both girl and boy.
 This is wet n wild cherry bomb and Inka a hair store brand lipstick in  Lavender tint, now lander tint is the shit this was my fave summer color! I am going to make this my fall into winter color also mixing lipstick colors is  my thing! Ill show you some mixtures later on that I love to use. Cherry bomb is the BOMB I brought this twice and now that it is fall this just might be my everyday color I don't know yet so don't quote me on that yet.
  O.P.I and Wet n wild colors for the fall love them as you see I had picked up different shades of purples if you want to know more about these colors  I made a Post on my other blog. (click the link)
look  at these wonderful stickers I picked up for my daughter for 1.00! a peace wow you have soo much and my little girl love them
Candyy I love candy diffidently licorice its my fave and I while I was at the family dollar store I picked this jar up  for 2.99 and yes its glass I have another one filled with my tea bags.

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