My First Nail Care Routine #1

 This is my first nail care blog! YAY I will be updating every two weeks to track my progress. The products to the left is what I have used this week and what I will use next week, Orly Tough Cookie,Nail File and a buffer/ nail file.The reasons I am using files is because I have been getting my nails done with a overlay at my local nail salon for those who don't know what a over lay is its a gel or acrylic placed over you natural  nail NO tips to make your own nails grow/protect. Well the last two weeks my nails been rejecting the overlay chipping and breaking so I decided to do my own nails.
The picture to the right is of my left hand
I don't know if  you can tell that my nails is thin and
misshaped that was caused be me taking off my over lay myself( I am NOT paying 20 to have it removed)
anywho by me removing the acrylic I costed my nails to be thin
and scared :( they hurt really bad in the begin but now its so so.
I know it takes two weeks for your nails to grow back in but
being that my nails is in the worst shape ever it might take a little
longer. So for the first month I will be sanding my nail bed and filing my nails
NO cutting for the first month Thumbs Up I hope my nails turn out Great!

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